Post COVID19, Leadership Behaviours have to be different

COVID19 has given a lot of time and opportunity to interact with business and academic leaders. I was surprised to find how some look at the darker side of COVID19 and some see a great opportunity and light post COVID19.

The assessment analyses the seven behaviours of a successful leader during a crisis.

1. Communicative: Communicates clearly, concisely, and in a timely manner, engaging the right people at the right time to inspire action.

2. Resilient: Thinks quickly and decisively, responding with composure, optimism, and hardiness. Remains energetic and perseveres through challenges.

3. Innovative: Embraces challenges and changes calmly and thinks outside of the box to push the organization forward. Quickly adapts to changing circumstances and communicates any concerns.

4. Strategic: Nimbly adapts strategies and processes, anticipating problems and addressing them quickly. Proactively seeks information and coach others to think creatively as well. Adjusts as needed while clearly communicating process changes and expectations.

5. Influential: Proactively gathers input from diverse sources and understands the impact of the decision on all groups impacted by the crisis. Confidently makes decisions and holds themselves accountable to the outcomes, developing well-thought-out steps to ensure that the decision is sound and meets the prescribed criteria.

6. Supportive: Inspires others through clear direction, positive connections, and decisive judgment. Encourages teams to maintain meaningful and positive interactions while also acting quickly in a time of crisis.

7. Humane: Post COVID-19, the markets will see a lot of layoffs and business losses. A leader must be truly human and sensitive in understanding its impact on people, due to the fear surfacing in their actions. He should be compassionate and sensitive towards such behaviours exhibited. Also, he must be caring by demonstrating a sincere interest and have genuine respect for others, learning how to manage their own emotions and feelings.

Even if the leader does imbibe these behaviours, the most important thing about the crisis is when a crisis strikes, it comes with a package of good and bad things. Great leaders choose the good facets of it and let go of the residual bad effects.

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