Covering the last mile - What was true for Pre-COVID-19 holds more true Post Covid

Companies often bring out great products that have excellent value potential. Organizations commit themselves to customer-centric value propositions. It looks great on paper and PPTs and marketing collateral but the need to run the last mile with their ecosystem partners or Channel Partners almost always dilutes the customer value and defeats the efforts in the delivery of great customer experience.

As for most of us, a home appliance is hardly an impulsive purchase. With online resources available, we do enough research to narrow our choices down to a couple. In most cases, customers prefer to experience the touch and feel before the actual purchase despite them opting for purchase online or off-line. However, I can’t personally recall one instance where the Channel Partner has not offered me a ‘better’ alternative. This holds true for most of us and our buying decisions many a time are influenced and changed at the ‘buying zone’ or point of purchase.

Is your Channel Partner doing this for you? What motivates the Channel Partner, or the Channel Partner salesman to make a stronger pitch for a brand? Answers to these questions can make a huge difference to your success or the lack of it as a Channel Sales Manager.

Are you geared up for the new normal?

Customer’s value expectations will be better served by leveraging the value-add potential of the Channel Partner in addition to the intrinsic value in the product or solution offered by the manufacturer.

What are the channel partners’ key motivation to do business with you and your brand? Are you in a position to leverage these needs for a true and successful partnership? Are his goals in sync with yours?

How can you enable the required transformation in your channel partner’s business to address the challenges of the NEW NORMAL?


The fundamental building blocks of a symbiotic and successful relationship not only remains the same but will need further reinforcement.

With the obsession on maximizing revenue and profitability, Channel Partner managers often make the mistake of using Channel Partner partners as a convenient source of buffering with respect to business targets and objectives Is this the best option?

The key elements in optimizing Channel Partner building and optimizing Channel Partner partner capabilities

The 10 elements of a successful partnership:

1. Establishing TRUST: Most Channel Partner managers fall into the trap of ‘us’ vs ‘them’ in managing Channel Partner partners. While the goals and objectives may appear different, a deeper analysis reveals that they are convergent. The understanding of this convergence can transform your Channel Partner relationships and consequently business outcomes. Once the common goals are established and recognized, this forms the basis of the mutual trust between you and the Channel partner.

2. Empathize: A clear understanding of challenges faced by your Channel Partner in the marketplace and recognition of the same is an absolute must. This will be the first step in addressing the challenge, that is common to both the Channel Partner and principal.

3. Re-affirm Joint commitment to customer value: