5 Critical Selling Skills – Selling Skills That Win Sales

You can’t teach salespersons to improve 100 different things. Smart Salesperson focuses on the selling skills that have the most impact on performance improvement. Most Salespersons experience dramatic gains in sales productivity when these skills are mastered.

Critical Selling skill #1: Buyer/Seller Process

The 5 Buying Decisions

Buyer/Seller Relationship: FACT

82% of salespeople fail to follow a selling process that matches the decision-making process of the buyer . Every buyer makes a predetermined sequence of decisions as they decide who and what to buy. When salespeople have a process that matches this sequence, they treat the buyer with respect which leads to lasting relationships and repeat business.

The Customer’s Five Buying Decisions

All customers make Five Sequential Buying Decisions. Our research shows these decisions are always made in the following order.

Critical Selling skill #2: Sales Call Planning

Set the Right Objectives

Sales Call Planning: FACT

99% of Salespeople Fail to Set the Right Call Objectives. Every sale is a series of steps, a progression of Milestones. And, every Milestone demands a Commitment Objective.

“A goal we set for ourselves to gain agreement from our customer that moves the sales process forward.” Salespeople how to set a Commitment Objective for every Milestone of the sale. Mastering this key sales skill unlocks more sales potential more quickly than any other, and the entire sales process gains momentum. Salespeople decrease sales cycle time by 25% when they correctly plan their sales calls using Milestone Objectives.

Critical Selling skill #3: Questioning Skills

Ask The Best Questions

Sales Questioning Skills: FACT

86% of Salespeople Ask the Wrong Questions. The QUESTION is the professional salesperson’s most important tool. It is used for engaging the prospect, building rapport, discovering needs, agreeing on those needs, taking the temperature of the prospect, managing the sales conversation and gaining commitment.

Poor questioning skills lead to resistance. Without good questioning you talk too much and listen too little. Selling is no longer about what you say or how you say it. It’s about what you ask. At least one-third of your focus should be on learning how to Ask the Best Questions.